Tom Parker of The Wanted suffers from brain cancer

Tom Parker, a 32-year-old singer from The Wanted, a four-member boy band, is suffering from stage 4 brain cancer. Doctors say he could not be operated on for a brain tumor. Tom Parker was shocked to learn that he had brain cancer. Tom is currently undergoing chemotherapy and chemotherapy. He is also receiving radiation therapy.

Tom was handcuffed in July. His legs were paralyzed and he fainted and was on the waiting list for an MRI scan during the epidemic. Six weeks later, he suffered another stroke and was hospitalized. Tom’s wife, Kelsey, was not with him when doctors diagnosed him with COVID-19.

Tom and his wife shared the sad news of Tom’s brain cancer on Instagram. Fans will know that they have been silent on social media for weeks and that it is time to say why. Tom said he thought it would be best for them to tell everyone the details, rather than keeping it a secret that he had brain cancer. They are fighting cancer in many ways. Tom and his wife did not want to upset the audience, but to raise awareness about the dreaded disease.

Everyone’s love, With their support, they will be able to overcome this difficult battlefield. When asked how long Tom would live, Tom’s wife did not ask the doctors about it. I don’t want Tom to know about it. He said he did not want to sit down and write down the days when he would die. Before his wife could go to the hospital, Tom went with his brother. He also told his brother not to let Twitter know about it.