Actress Sun Regent likely to star in Hollywood movie

Korean actress Sun Rye-jin, formerly known as He Yuan to Burmese fans, is often praised by viewers for her acting skills and natural beauty. “Crash Landing on You” series, also known as “Captain”, was released in 2019 and is well-known to international fans. That’s why Hollywood seems to have noticed Sun Regin. Sun Reagan is reportedly in talks to star in a new Hollywood film, Cross.

On July 6, MS Team Entertainment, the agency of actress Sun Regin, said, “Sun Regin is in talks for Cross and the situation is good. “If there are no big changes, she will be in the film.” Lee Seung-yeon from the Oscar-winning film “Parasite” was also nominated for the film. An official from his agency said, “Lee Seun-yeon has been offered a role as an actor for Cross. The offer is currently being considered. “He has not made a decision yet.”

Cross is a story about the future, a story about two ethnic groups being torn apart by a border in a multi-ethnic country. The film will also feature the lives of people from two ethnic groups and the lives of the richest.

If Sunrijin accepts the offer, she will play the role of Vera, a woman living on the border of a poor country. Vera was left alone to care for her son after her husband died trying to cross the border. Sunrijin will star alongside the actor in the movie Avatar. The prince is said to be a man living in the country’s wealthy community. Cross is scheduled to be shot in Korea next March.