She lost one leg but did not lose her smile

This article is not only inspiring but also inspiring. It is about a beautiful woman who loses one leg but does not lose her smile and does not give up on life. Recently, the sad news came out that the 2011 Colombian beauty Daniela Alvarez had her left leg amputated. He was about to lose one of his legs, but he survived the surgery with a smile and showed resilience. He knew his life would not be the same, but he said, “To be in this world, to be in this world.” I am happy to face new challenges coming into my life. ”

Daniel La was the Miss Colombia national representative at the Miss Universe 2012 pageant. From beauty to modeling Entrepreneur TV presenter Became a UNICEF ambassador. He even owns a fashion boutique and advertises his own models for his products. Despite the unexpected challenges, she soon became a role model.

Recently, Daniela underwent surgery to remove a lump in her abdomen. Unfortunately, the lump blocked the flow of blood to his leg, which led to his amputation. If left untreated, it can cause severe pain, even when resting. Daniel La received the sad news at the age of 32.

As Daniel went through these difficult times, his family came to support him. Even his ex-girlfriend was by his side. They are the strength of Daniel La and he is the one who overcame them. Danielle is looking to the future and plans to wear a prosthesis. That’s what I used to do. Running Cycling You will be able to continue swimming.

He knew that losing his leg would have an effect on his future, but he believed that the best things in his life would come. He even said, “Legs? If I had wings to fly, why would I need them?” In a world where physical appearance is a problem, former Colombian beauty Daniele La says, “I love my current body as much as I used to.” We believe that the words of Miss Daniel La will inspire everyone. He is physically disabled, but he is not depressed and is willing to accept what is happening. No one is perfect. I hope readers will also find inspiration from Miss Daniel La.