Korean celebrities who will be serving in the military by 2020

Under Korean law, men between the ages of 18 and 28 living in Korea are required to serve in the military. They served in the military for two years. Male celebrities in Korea are not exempt from the law. They too have to join the army when they reach the age of military service. The year of enlistment can be postponed if there is a health or emergency issue.

There are Korean celebrities who will be serving in the military by 2020. It is now mid-2020. Despite the current COVID-19 epidemic, some Sallys enlisted in the war earlier this year. There are still some Sallys who have to serve in the military this year. The exact date of enlistment has not been announced, but the names of the soon-to-be enlisted soldiers have been revealed. (Some have already announced the date of enlistment)

Wudo Hum

Actor Wudo Hum has become a fan favorite after starring with Lee Min Ho in the recently aired “The King: Eternal Monarch.” He played the king’s lifeguard in the series. On June 25, he announced on his Instagram account that he would be enlisting on July 6. Due to COVID-19, it will not be possible to say goodbye to the fans before enlisting in the army. Voodoo Hum “Save Me” (2017); “Tempted” (2018); He also had success with “My Country” (2019). Before the war was announced, he received an offer to star in a new series.

Pat Bogam

The handsome actor Pat Bogum is a successful actor in the Korean art world. He starred with the beautiful actress Song Hye-go in the 2019 series “Encounter”. Burmese fans also liked the series. He announced on June 25 that he would be joining the Navy on August 31. Bogum applied to join the Navy Military Band and was accepted on June 25. Pat Boram has made many feature films and is currently starring in a series and new films. It is said that the series and films will be completed before entering the war. Pat Bogum’s new series is “The Moment” and “Seo Bok” will be released later this year. “Wonderland” will be released in 2021. Pat Bogum’s fans love the new series during his military service. You have to deal with movies.

Jang Ki-young

Jang Ki-yeon, who recently starred in the recently aired “Born Again,” will be enlisting later this year. However, no official date has been set for military service. Jang Ki-yeon is also an actor who can captivate female fans. It is a masculine style that girls like because it has a good height and a cute smile. He wrote “Come and Hug Me” (2018); He also appeared in series such as “Search: WWW” (2019) and became famous.

Kim Myaung Soe (INFINITE member)

He is also a member of INFINITE. Kim Myaung Soe, a middle-aged actor, is also a successful singer and artist. She is also popular among female fans because of her good looks on the band. He is expected to join the military later this year. The exact date of military service has not been released. Kim Myaung-soo starred in the lead role in “Meow, the Secret Boy” earlier this year. He has acted in many series before. Kim Jong Un is expected to star in a new series before joining the war.