The legs Hair cut Drugs for those who are tired of wearing eyeglasses

The legs Hair cut A good remedy for those who are tired of wearing eyeglasses

This is a great medicine to share and keep. It’s easy to do

Tonight’s experiment was about 50 minutes of salt water, soaking your legs with half an hour of hot water, rubbing your feet in salt and rubbing it in your knees. The rest of the disease is sure to be relieved, so health workers should not try to do so. :

Alternatively, when you go to bed at night, or when you are salty, it can cause hot flashes. How to navigate:

Before treading, wash your feet with water from the thighs. Add 1 gallon of salt (preferably 2 quarts of salt). After about half an hour of walking, you find yourself sweating.

30-40 minutes – 1 hour After feeling satisfied, rub the towel and leg before slipping and rub the salt, wash it completely off the legs, go to bed and sleep on the first day.

The pain is gone ..

No breakage … no hair cut …

Hair loss can increase hair growth. It will encourage health … Make goodwill by sharing.