BP will launch the first 700,000 bottles of CBV

Vitamin-CVs are also being produced on Thingyan holidays and rising raw materials, but will be offered as low as possible.

At present, there are 50,000 bottles of Cevit Tablet (100’s) to protect the V-19 during the Thingyan holidays. The Chinese manufacturer of Ascorbic Acid BP, the maker of Ascorbic Acid BP, has announced that it will release it at the Ministry of Finance and Industry.

Although raw materials cost about three times higher, though, the BBC will distribute the cannabinoids at a cost of not more than 1,500 kyats, including the cost of transporting the area closer to the site. At present, outlets are selling 100 bottles of vitamin C each from around 2000 kyats to over 5,000 kyats.

Cevit Tablet (100’s) 7 graceful carpets match the tender to buy raw material prices and the market will come to see and will publish as soon as possible. API Cevit Tablet (100 mg), 100 pills a retail price of 910 kyat from shops publishing API to 1,000 kyats and was sold until February 2020 Wah.