Try it out for those who are wearing glasses

Only those who are wearing eyeglasses have a glimpse at the age of 30 – blinded by a doctor and blurred by +15 degrees. Now, when I was 40 years old, my eyeglasses seemed strange, and it seemed easy to fit into the proportions.


(1) Massage the eggplant and then remove the seeds, sunflower seeds, etc. Make powder.

(2) Grain scavenger is automatically dried in the shade.

(3) Allow the leaves to dry.

(4) Real honey

Only four of these are needed.

Today, if you make a good pair of sunglasses today, the cost is more than $ 50,000. Without glasses everywhere, it became like a frustrating blind. If you forget your glasses, you will not be able to see anything. To read It is difficult to rub the phone, the power of the glasses is negligible, and even when the power is off, it can be frustrating.