If you are experiencing a lot of difficulties, try this meditation.

If you are experiencing a lot of easy problems, try this tutorial.

Just seven times a day, recite the mantra of the most powerful and powerful Buddhas! ”

Vedanta Thakur; The Blessed One: And the Lord said to Moses, That is not the case. That is the kind of love that comes to mind. The Holy One!

All my enemies are my adversaries; So = far away, Only = Came away!

Those who devise evil against me, Only = your own. This is: by bad design We are the only ones who can be healed.

This is because of my goodwill. The only thing we can say about this is that we have to do it. One = increase.

The only ten virtues I have ever done. Because of the power of the 10 virtues I did, This = relief.

Only by those who are repulsive and those who are angry. Let’s be successful.

The only thing that really matters is that you don’t have to deal with those who have a long temper.

The only way to do good is to be with only the good ones who do good deeds.

It is not possible to associate with them at all in the cycle of life, so that the unwholesome ones develop immorality.